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The Scriptorium

Our website at St James has three aims:

First, it is a very public extension of our outreach mission. More and more, people depend on the web as a major source of information. Our presence here not only broadcasts our "sense of the parish", it also educates the public about Christ and our mission in Christ. It should not surprise us to find that some people will be called to worship at St James by this part of our outreach. Further, some homeless and working poor (and those who support them) are remarkably resourceful about the web, and may find out about parish missions through our presence there. Your thoughts and suggestions are important... we want to convey to the world the right sense of who we are, what we do, and what we believe.

Second, some of you will find that our website enhances your spirituality. For a few of our less mobile parishioners, it may be the only way they can worship. The resources on the web for study and prayer are enormous, and so a significant portion of content is intended to help you find them. There are prayers and meditations on almost every page, so that as you browse, you can pray. There are also links to prayer sites and deeper discussions about our ministries, such as the First Saturday Community Meal.

Finally, the website is another of several ways for us to communicate with one another about parish activities. Its important to realize that the web is not the only way, and that it will never replace newsletters and bulletins. In some ways, the website is more limiting than the mail since there is privacy information that we would not want to post on the web (phone numbers and addresses for example). Again, we need your suggestions in this area.

There is more work still to do to make our site all that it can be. If you have suggestions or content that you would like to add, please contact the webmaster at He is happy to help. Particularly if you have responsibility for one of our ministries, he will work with you to get an article about that mission onto our pages. If you don't want to write it yourself, he can do that for you after a short interview.

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ST. AGNES’ Eve - Ah, bitter chill it was!
The owl, for all his feathers, was a-cold;
The hare limp’d trembling through the frozen grass,
And silent was the flock in woolly fold:
Numb were the webmasters’s fingers, while he loaded
His content, and while his frosted breath,
Like pious incense from a censer old,
Seem’d taking flight for heaven, without a death,
Past the sweet Virgin’s picture, while his prayer he saith....

With deep apologies to John Keats for lifting a little of his prose here and there....

Last Published: March 17, 2013 9:56 PM
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