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During inclement weather, Sunday services at St. James are always held. Please come only if you can safely do so!
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"We believe that Christ is alive and in our midst, especially among our poorest and most vulnerable citizens...."
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Filtered afternoon light on the casement of a grisaille window, north nave...

We give you thanks, O God, for the gifts of your people, and for the work of many hands, which have beautified this place and furnished it for the celebration of your holy mysteries. Accept and bless all we have done, and grant that in these earthly things we may behold the order and beauty of things heavenly; through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Amen. -BCP p573
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Louis Comfort Tiffany

St. James is blessed to have six stained glass windows designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany.


The process used for most of the distinctive glass in St. James is now a lost art. It uses larger pieces of glass and less leading than traditional styles of stained glass. Some of its shading is achieved by varying the thickness of the glass, or by building up various colors of glass.

Most stained glass windows look dark if light does not shine through them. Tiffany windows are beautifully translucent and light shines through the design, illuminating the picture like a color slide. The picture is visible even if no light shines through, although the image seen under these conditions is quite different in character and appearance.  In the presence of brilliant sunlight, these windows are magnificent!

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