Weekly Worship


We will continue to hold both an in-person Holy Eucharist service with Spiritual Communion at a parishioner's home each Sunday at 8 AM, and a zoom Holy Eucharist service with Spiritual Communion at 9 AM.  If you intend to be a part of this Sunday's outdoor worship service at 8 AM, you need to notify our parish office by calling (860)443-4989 or email at parishoffice@stjamesnl.org by noon on Wednesday, to let the office know how many people from your family plan to attend. Service information will be sent out to all participants once the reservations are confirmed.  Attendance protocols can be seen here.

Weekly online services, including Monday evening Compline at 8 PM, Tuesday Bible Study at 10 AM and daily noontime prayer, plus Thursday fellowship time at 10 AM, can all be accessed according to directions on the main page of this website.

Regular schedule when we return to "normal"


8:00 AM Holy Eucharist (said)

10:00 AM Holy Eucharist (with music and choir)


5:15 PM Worship Service (Adult Education Program may follow)

During July and August, we offer one Sunday service at 9:00 AM and a Wednesday evening worship service at 5:15 PM.


Monthly Services
1st Sunday Choral Eucharist, Anthem & Anglican Chant, 10:00 AM Church
1st Tuesday     Evening Prayer, 5:30 PM Hallam Chapel
1st Monday Compline, 9 PM Hallam Chapel
1st  Friday Holy Eucharist, 2 PM Greentree Manor
3rd Sunday Healing Prayers Sunday Morning Serivces
In-Person Outdoor Worship Announcement and Protocol
An announcement from our Re-opening Committee regarding an in-person worship service to be held soon can be found by clicking here.
What To Expect When You Come to St. James


Whatever your religious background and however you have come to be here, welcome to St. James Episcopal Church!

In the pew you will find two books, which we use in our worship: the red Book of Common Prayer (referred to as BCP in the bulletin) and the blue Hymnal (all music notation preceded by an “S” can be found in the front section).  In the distributed Sunday bulletin you will find the service outline and the page references to those two books. If you find it difficult to follow the service at first, please feel free to ask someone near you for assistance. After a few services, it will become easier. Standing, sitting, or kneeling for various parts of the service is a matter only of custom, and you should feel free to assume whatever posture is most helpful to you.

All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion. At the time of communion, please come to the Altar rail and stand or kneel. First, the bread will be placed in your outstretched hands; when the chalice of wine comes, you may drink directly from it or dip the bread in it. If you prefer not to receive communion, but would like to receive a blessing, please signal your desire by crossing your arms across your chest. 

We are delighted that you are thinking about joining us for worship. Please join us after the service for a little fellowship so we can get to know you better.