The Transition Team Welcomes Our Rector


Dear Friend of St. James, New London,

The Reverend Ranjit K. Mathews was called to be the new Rector of St. James in March of 2017.  Rev. Mathews was selected by the Vestry after many candidate interviews by the Transition Team and candidate visits with the Vestry.  Rev. Mathews and his family moved to our rectory in New London, and he began his ministry with us on Monday, May 15.

To read more about Rev. Mathews, click here.

St. James Transition Team members: (Top Row) Roxanne Steed, Deanna Bosdorf, Stef Brandon, Grace Jones,                              

Bill Crawford; (Bottom Row) Dave Downes, Carol McCoy, Charlie Duffy, Will Sieberg, Patty Anderson.


Feel free to speak to or ask questions of any of the Transition Team members, whose brief "church biographies" are here:

Grace Jones has been a member of St. James for ten years, in service to God's missions as a Vestry member and  as a reader, usher, prayer circle member and contributor of goods and finance to many faith in action projects. President Emerita, Three Rivers Community College.

Patty Anderson, a sculptor, potter, quilter, and teacher, is married to a retired Episcopal organist/choir director. She has been singing in church choirs most of her life, and has been a member of St. James Church, the Choir, and the St. James Quilters for ten years.

Roxanne Steed has been a member of St. James for about ten years. She's a member of our choir and one of the lectors as well.  Prior to being a choir member she was a greeter and a host for our coffee hour. She is a full time professional artist/teacher.  Her husband Ron is an ordained deacon, serving at St. James' Episcopal Church in Poquetanuck, CT.
Charlie Duffy and his wife Marci Alborghetti live in New London and have been members of St. James Church since 2003 when they first moved here. They have both been very involved in a variety of ways in the Church's homeless outreach ministries, and are regular attendees of the Sunday 5:00 PM service.
Deanna Bosdorf has been a member of St. James for the past twenty years.  She serves as an usher and lector and participates in Healing Prayer.  She also helps out in the Sunday School and the Jumble Shoppe.
David Downes joined St. James three years ago and serves on the vestry and the stewardship committee.  He is also a chalicist and acolyte, oversees the church website and emails and helps out in the Jumble Shoppe.  He moved from St. James's parish in West Hartford, CT, where he served in similar roles for twenty-eight years.  His wife, Debbie, is a member of both our choir and the Anglican Singers.
Stephanie Brandon has been an Episcopalian for over 30 years, worshipping at St. James for the past four. She is coordinator of stewardship and secretary for the Transition Team. She is also a lay reader and choir member.
Will Sieberg has been a member of St. James for the past eight years, after a career as a priest in the Lutheran Church.  He is a member of the church choir and is also the trainer for pastoral care at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London.  His wife Dorothy is Senior Warden at St. James, sings in the choir and oversees the Jumble Shoppe.
Bill Crawford has been a member of St. James since 2003. He has served on the vestry as well as ushering.  Currently he is a retired thoracic surgeon.