We are a forward looking, multi-cultural and inclusive faith community, proclaiming and doing Christ's work of love and justice in the greater New London area and the world.

Upcoming Events and Activities

We will continue to hold both an in-person Holy Eucharist service with Spiritual Communion at a parishioner's home each Sunday at 8 AM, and a zoom service at our usual time of 9 AM.  If you intend to be a part of this Sunday's outdoor worship service at 8 AM, you need to notify our parish office by calling (860)443-4989 or email at parishoffice@stjamesnl.org by noon on Thursday, to let the office know how many people from your family plan to attend. Service information will be sent out to all participants once the reservations are confirmed. To see the checklist for attendance protocols, click here.

If you prefer to continue to worship through our Zoom virtual service, the connections to this Zoom service are found in our weekly emails on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  If you would like to join our mailing list for weekly emails, please send us an email at stjamesnlweb@gmail.com. Sunday worship service recordings can also be viewed anytime on the St. James YouTube Channel by clicking here and selecting from the services listed.

We have four additional online service activities offered for the next several weeks to engage our community at St. James:
  • Compline prayer service will be offered each Monday evening at 8 PM on our Zoom online platform. See our weekly emails for this Zoom online connection code.
  • Fr. Ranjit will be offering a Bible Study each Tuesday at 10 AM via the Zoom online connection listed below.
  • On Thursdays, also at 10 AM, there will be a time for fellowship, sharing and visiting, also via the Zoom connection listed below. 
  • Our fourth online activity is the engaging noontime daily prayer service conducted by Chuck Sharp, which can be livestreamed or accessed anytime on our Facebook page here.
You can join in the interactive Bible Study and Fellowship activities by using the following links:
Join the Bible Study Zoom Meetings on Tuesdays at 10 AM
To find the readings for Tuesday's Bible Study, click here
Join the Fellowship Meetings on Thursdays at 10 AM

The Hats, Mittens and Scarves Committee is encouraging the perfect counter to COVID-19 stay-at-home blues, knitting for our winter ministry, which provides sets for the heads, hands and necks of needy New London school children. Not a knitter? We accept donations of winter wear or checks sent to the office made out to St. James Church with "hats & mittens" on the memo line. Many youngsters will be warm this winter thanks to your generosity!

Reminder: Like any family, St. James needs to make purchases and pay its bills, and to be able to do that we depend our pledge and "plate" donation income. During this time without a regular offertory, we ask that our members continue to give as they can in one of the following ways:

1) the easiest is to use the "Donate" button on this page of our St. James website.  When you are on the "donate" page, you can fill in the amount and specify type of payment source (debit card, credit card or Paypal) and whether you want to make this a recurring payment. Then fill in the requested information and in the "special instructions" section please add your pledge number or the other reasons for your donation (plate, altar flowers, etc.). That's it!
2) Use the bill payment method of your bank's checking account system. Most checking accounts allow you to add and specify St. James just like any company to which you pay bills directly through your account. There should also be a "memo" line to note your pledge envelope number on the payment.
3) Write a check and mail it in to the St. James office, at 76 Federal St., New London, 06329-6601, with the pledge number, or other purpose of the check, written on the memo line.

The link below takes you to the Episcopal Church of Connecticut page on resources to combat COVID-19, and also lists church-related events that have been rescheduled or cancelled:



Support St. James on Amazon Smile!  If you make purchases on Amazon.com, please select the Amazon Smile: http://smile.amazon.com homepage instead of amazon.com.  You will be prompted to select a charity to support and St. James is now one of those choices.  Please scroll down the list to page 2 and select St. James, New London.  A small contribution will be made by Amazon.com for each purchase.

PayPal is available.  If you wish to donate electronically for any reason, please go to the DONATE button on this page.  This will allow you to select a payment method, amount and purpose.

Sermons are recorded and can be found by clicking the "Sermons and Media" red button on the left side of this webpage or by clicking here.
For more information about activities and events later this month, click for The Witness hereFor updates, reports or pictures of events as they happen, go to our Facebook page by clicking here or to our Instagram account by clicking here. The monthly Google calendar of events can be seen by clicking here.  The monthly newsletter of the Southeast Region, Bridge, can be found by clicking here
To visit the website of our sister parish, St. Margaret's in Aberdeen, Scotland, click here.